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A Black Man Is Not My Opp

A Black Man Is Not My Opp BLACK RESOLUTION Tee

A Black Man Is Not My Opp BLACK RESOLUTION Tee

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A Black Man Is Not My Opp is a shirt that represents the urgency and importance of black male conflict resolution. 

1) The barcode is used to signify ownership of this message after purchase. The message now belongs to YOU. Represent it well.
2) The box around the words is actually an upside down talk box. It signifies FLIPPING THE NARRATIVE away from talk of having OPPS, pulling up on OPPS, beefing with OPPS, etc. The talk box is black because this is OUR conversation (black men, black boys, black women).
3) The NO symbol replacing the O in OPP simply represents the idea of not having black OPPS. We have REAL OPPS we are dealing with daily and it AIN'T "US."
4) The BEEF IS DEAD bar is just that.......DEAD BEEF. We want to KILL this idea of having beef with a man that looks like you.


-100% cotton


-Fits true to size

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